April 14, 2016


Not being able to give your baby the very best nutrition from the get go was very hard on me. I felt guilty and stressed that I wasn’t producing milk faster.

We’ve featured a few mothers on our blog, and are excited to continue telling the stories of many wonderful women who are willing to discuss the beautifully difficult time being a mother truly is, and their journey to becoming the individual they are.

With that in mind, may I introduce you to Anisa Woods, the wife of our founder, Bronzson Woods. We’ve heard Bronzson tell his story about starting up Ambrosia Milk, but did you know his wife was about 5 months pregnant when he left to Cambodia? Through the struggles of pregnancy, supporting a new family, and struggling with breastfeeding, Anisa let us have a glimpse of her life in a recent interview.

Q: What was your reaction when Bronzson started getting into the “breast milk business”?

A: At first I was a little apprehensive of the idea, I mean what woman wants to tell her friends that her husband spends his free time researching breastmilk. But the more Bronzson studied it and the more research he brought to me about the huge supply shortage, the more supportive I became of the idea of starting a business that would help these women and their babies.

Q: You were pregnant when Bronzson made the trip to Cambodia, right? What was that like for you?

A: When Bronzson left to Cambodia I was about 5 months pregnant and incredibly sick. Unlike most people, my nausea lasted WELL BEYOND the first trimester. I had a really hard time adjusting to life without my husband. I sold my apartment contract within the first couple weeks of him leaving (who wants to live in a 3 bedroom alone….talk about depressing!) and moved in with my IN-LAWS. To most people that alone would be a challenge, but I was also still working 40 hours a week on my feet for up to 13 hours at a time. This was a pretty rough time for me. My in-laws are amazing and I had 3 sister in-laws currently still at home so we had a blast together! But nothing can replace a husband. There were a lot of days when I just wanted him home to rub my feet or get me water in the middle of the night (selfish, I know). Bronzson got home on a Thursday, that Saturday I had my baby shower, and that Sunday night I went into labor. He barely made it home in time but I’m so glad he did So all in all he was gone for a little over 18 weeks. It was definitely a sacrifice, but a sacrifice I’d be willing to make again.

Q: You recently welcomed your son, Alva, into the world. How has that changed your view on infant nutrition?

A: Wow, it has forever changed my view on EVERYTHING! I never knew just how many things there were in the world for a mother to stress out about and to feel guilt about! From the moment that baby starts to develop inside of you, you only want the absolute best for him! You stress out if you miss a pre-natal or if you take it and then vomit an hour later lol. That stress only intensified when Alva was born. I wanted the absolute best for him, like every mother wants for their child.

Q: Your husband mentioned that breastfeeding was a bit of a struggle at first. Would you mind sharing what feelings and thoughts went through your head? What was your reaction?

A: Breast feeding was very hard for me. When Alva was born I was surrounded by a lot of family which was good. I was able to experience both sides of the spectrum. My mother was a milk cow when she was having babies. She could squirt her milk across the room! And then I had a sister who tried everything to increase her milk supply but was only able to breastfeed for about 6 weeks each time. That helped me understand that each woman is different and each woman has a different experience breastfeeding. For me, my milk didn’t come in for about 5 days after Alva was born. I made the decision to supplement with formula until my breast milk came in because there was no other safe alternative. Not being able to give your baby the very best nutrition from the get go was very hard on me. I felt guilty and stressed that I wasn’t producing milk faster.

Q: Was it weird, as a mother, to be giving your child breast milk from another woman?

A: Not at all! I was already familiar with the idea of wet nurses and how they have saved so many children from starvation, so giving my child a bottle of breast milk from another woman did not seem strange at all to me.

Q: Describe Bronzson as a father. Do you think this business has made him more attentive to the nutrition of Alva?

A: This business has definitely made Bronzson more aware of Alva’s nutrition and more attentive to helping me create and sustain the best diet possible for him. He’s constantly rattling off guidelines to me of when Alva should be getting certain foods and how much he should have. It’s nice to have such a supportive, informed, and helpful husband.

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