October 6, 2016

Don’t dump it down the drain! 5 Great Uses for Leftover Breast Milk

Got extra breast milk? 5 Great uses


Has your baby stopped drinking breastmilk? Rather than pour that extra liquid gold down the drain (*shudder*), use it in one of these 5 ways!
1. Add it to baby’s first foods

Adding lukewarm breastmilk to your little one’s smashed foods helps give a familiar sweetness to new foods that often helps babies accept it better. I also added it to ground oatmeal, and my son gobbled it down daily!

 2. Use it to clear up congestion

Because my son was born in peak flu season, he sometimes needed  help clearing the gunk from his nose. After doing some research, I learned that putting a few drops of breastmilk in each nostril really helped to loosen things up.

3. Use it to un-block a tear duct

Does your baby have a blocked tear duct? Breastmilk can help with that, too! First, put a few drops on the inside corner of your baby’s eyes, allowing it to seep into the eye without force as the baby blinks. Then, gently wipe away the discharge with a warm, wet washcloth while massaging the tear ducts lightly.

4. Rub it on skin to clear up baby acne

It seems like you can’t talk about the benefits of breastmilk without hearing at least a dozen mamas talk about rubbing their milk on baby acne to clear it up. I haven’t tried out  this method personally, but it’s natural and definitely worth a shot! Simply rub the breast milk on your baby’s acne several times a day, and viola!

5. Donate it!

Did you know that you can donate your excess milk to a milk bank? Doing so helps infants in special need of breastmilk have access to it.  (If interested, apply here. )

Additionally, if you have unused frozen Ambrosia Milk, feel free to gift it to an interested mother! You can feel safe knowing that it is free from harmful bacteria and from a pure source

So what do you do with your extra breastmilk? Comment below and let us know!5 Great Uses for Leftover Breastmilk

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