Ambrosia Milk: Safe, Tested, Pure


Learn more about some frequently asked questions. 

Will Ambrosia Milk have the same nutrients as my own milk?

Research shows that the composition of breastmilk is remarkably stable around the world and varies very little. To guarantee that Ambrosia Milk has the highest nutritional content, we screen our donors based on diet and caloric intake.

Is it true that my baby might not like the milk if the mother ate spicy or gassy foods?

There is no evidence that supports the idea that if a mother eats spicy foods or foods that cause gas it can affect their nursing baby. There is a possibility that dairy consumed by a mother can affect the baby, however, dairy is not a part of the Cambodian diet.

Is Ambrosia Milk safe?

Absolutely! We follow more stringent guidelines than those which are used to produce hospital grade breast milk for sick infants in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) across the country. Ambrosia Milk is so safe, we feed it to our own children. To learn more about our safety guidelines click here.

Does heat processing hurt the milk?

We use a heat processing technique that kills potential bacteria while preserving the vital properties that make breast milk so amazing. This is the same technique used to produce milk for NICUs in the hospital and has been extensively researched. While some nutritional value is lost during heat processing, heat processed milk is much safer than unpasteurized milk sold online. 

Do you use BPA free products?

All of our containers are BPA free.

Is breast milk regulated by the government?

Breast milk is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a food item. We adhere to all FDA guidelines, Good Manufacturing Practices, and industry best practices.